Your favorite clothes give you a “revived impression”, since its establishment in November 2008, Hash Co., Ltd. has been striving to create products that pursue “peace of mind,” “safety,” and “convenience.” Society is changing in various ways at this very moment, and the values that people seek are becoming more individualized and diversified.
Companies are also required to be flexible enough to respond to change and to be innovative enough to lead the times.
We are confident that our main product, “Spot Remover”, is a product that we can deliver to the world with confidence based on its track record. We hope that we can snuggle up to the customer’s feelings of loving their clothes without being conceited.
We will continue to be a company that understands our customers best, share the excitement of reviving clothes through our products and services, and aim to be a company that has the value of being able to feel a sense of unity with our customers.


  1. フォームレディ Formlady

  2. カワタキコーポレーション Kawataki

  3. イデア IDEA

  4. サンコー Sanko

  5. 平安伸銅 Heianshindo

  6. コジット Cogit