NPS® Nihon Plate Seiko Co., Ltd. offers highly convenient responses and proposals to improve productivity.
Today, the world economy and social structure are changing at a speed that was unimaginable a decade ago, and the speed is increasing year by year. In the services we provide to our customers, we have single-mindedly challenged and responded to a wide variety of requests and all kinds of unreasonable challenges.
We will continue to pursue even greater speed, improve our ability to respond flexibly, introduce the latest equipment that evolves day by day, and actively promote the training of “manufacturing craftsmen with new ideas.”


  1. サンコープラスチック Sanko plastic

  2. 森商事 Morishoji

  3. ヨシダ Yoshida

  4. 長谷川刃物 hasegawacutlery

  5. 山田化学 Yamada Chemical

  6. 寶蓮 POLIN